About Us

Specialist Distributor

We are a specialist distributor and supplier of quality network solutions.

Our aim is to focus on a small number of brands and to be the local experts, offering the highest levels of service and support.

We are looking to establish long term business relationships with our customer base and to be project orientated.

Experience & Expertise

Dealing with us has to be a worthwhile, profitable and an easy experience for all concerned.

We have extensive experience and expertise in many fields of network communications covering the Telco and Enterprise markets such as:

  • LAN / WAN networks ( switching, routing, SDWAN, Mobile LTE backup  & associated network monitoring and management)
  • Optical Networks ( DWDM, CWDM, Fibre components, transceivers, media converters, P-P, GPON, XGSPON, test equipment )
  • Wireless & WiFi  ( Home automation, Campus, P-P & P-MP, UHF/VHF, Microwave )
  • IoT ( LoRaWAN, NBIoT & CATM)
  • Industrial / harsh environment networking
  • Cabling – copper and fibre solutions
  • Network Management and Network Test & Analysis

If we had a company motto we would like to think ‘Service First’ would fit the bill.

Solutions and Services

We are keen to assist our customers as best we can to establish our brands as their ‘go to’ solution.

Our services cover supply, technical & sales training, network design and consultancy with optional installation, implementation and network management services as required.